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Born in Central California at the height of the baby boom, I was raised in the Church of God where I found a crystal rainbow light of love. As a new mother in my early twenties, I came to a fork in the road. Much to my surprise, I discovered that the fundamentalism of my childhood hadn't taken root. I couldn't reconcile the God of unconditional love with the jealous, genocidal figure of the Old Testament.

Today my life is dedicated to co-creating a win-win world full of peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability. I aim for peace of mind and harmonious relationships with friends, family, and a loving community. Our nation needs respectful civic discourse, not blind ideology driving policies, In the words of the last verse of the song, "America the Beautiful," may this country become a land where  "...alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears," I want to live in a world where conflicts are resolved through negotiation, not violence.

As I do all I can to be in alignment with these possibilities, life is magnificent. I could ask for nothing more.


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Welcome! Pleas join me in our rEVOLution of LOVE.
Together we'll be people of power, a coalition challenging and changing the structures that divide and limit us. Non-heteronormative folks alongside women, men, and children of all skin tones standing for a more peaceful, economically just and environmentally sustainable world. Let's strengthen each other on journeys of personal and social transformation. You in?? Join my mailing list, to be updated on my posts. You can reach me at (805) 428-2497 or janusblume@gmail.com. 

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