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Born in Central California at the height of the baby boom, I was raised in the Church of God where I found a crystal rainbow light of love. As a new mother in my early twenties, I came to a fork in the road. Much to my surprise, I discovered that the fundamentalism of my childhood hadn't taken root. I couldn't reconcile the God of unconditional love with the jealous, genocidal figure of the Old Testament.

Today my life is dedicated to co-creating a win-win world full of peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability. I aim for peace of mind and harmonious relationships with friends, family, and a loving community. Our nation needs respectful civic discourse, not blind ideology driving policies, In the words of the last verse of the song, "America the Beautiful," may this country become a land where  "...alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears," I want to live in a world where conflicts are resolved through negotiation, not violence.

As I do all I can to be in alignment with these possibilities, life is magnificent. I could ask for nothing more.


There's a rEVOLution of LOVE brewing in the land, an international, nonviolent revolution of consciousness. Join me! Together we'll be Wonder Women, Supermen, and Non-heteronormative People working together making this world a fit place for my grandchildren. You in? 

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Oh, and P.S. I'm also a wedding officiant and I do Tarot readings, and I write. 

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