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The Call to Transformational Witchcraft

The closing paragraphs of the first chapter of a work in progress:


A Primer for the Craft of Transformation"

What Neo Pagan Witches have in common is a mindset, a relationship to life and nature. We respect the right of conscience in our circles, and it would be difficult to find two of us who agree on everything. But there are some common themes. If you gaze at the sky and feel a pulling at your heart to give voice to its magnificence, if you take in the intricacies of the spider’s woven home and feel a kinship, if you hear the singing of the wires bringing energy to your house and, though grateful for the lights, you wonder “why do I have to put up with that buzz?” you share in the zeitgeist of Witchcraft.

Witches see Creator and Created as One. We revel in the joy of being alive. We accept the whole package as holy; dark and light, above and below, happiness and sorrow. There’s no place more sacred than a grove of trees. A perfect blade of grass holding a ladybug is more beautiful than a cathedral. We call our Source Mother, and some, Father, too. The world, sun, moon, stars, and our bodies are made of energy. It travels from one being to another, uniting us, belonging to none. Our goddesses and gods live in the stories we tell, mythologies of all times and cultures. We’re magic because we align with the tides of time and events as they unfold. It may not be common anymore to commune with the spirits of land and water, but we’re doing it. To co-create magic with the gods requires me to tune into the power of the constant fractal change that is reality, to become as still, flowing water. I am still, because I live only in the present moment. I am flowing, because that’s what the moment is doing.

There are many definitions of magic. Most people think of it as the ability to manifest your desires in the material world. Such magic exists, and you can learn to do it, but if your only goal is to learn to manipulate outcomes to enhance your ego, mine is not the Craft study for you. I base my practice and teaching on Dion Fortune’s definition: “Magic is the ability to change consciousness at will.” To practice Witchcraft means first, to Craft the Witch. This is a path of spiritual transformation. By learning to change your consciousness and become one with the all, every precious second of your life becomes magic.

We have reclaimed the title of Witch. No longer do we hide in fear of torture and death. We take our place once more as the Wise Ones, men and women alike. We reject the simplistic dualism and authoritarianism that would rob us of our inner wisdom. We have no single creed, but instead allow ourselves to be taught by nature. Each defining things in our own way, we reach out with our souls to commune with the Spirits of Place and the turnings of the months and years.

The teachings that come to us are not about blind faith or believing, but about knowing. We feel the movement of the breeze, and breathe in air. We see the glow of fire and feel its warmth. We quench our thirst with water and feel refreshed. We stand on solid earth and there build our foundations. These are our elements.

Five or so billion years from now our sun will die. The lifespan of the human race is less predictable, but as long as we exist there will be those of us who answer the call to expose the man behind the curtain, to call out the naked emperor, to unite with the forces of creation that can’t be named. We have been called many things in many places, and if we and our spiritual descendents can keep the forces of destruction at bay long enough, we will have many other names.

Whatever the language, culture or era, we are the Witches.

Welcome to the Craft of the Wise.

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