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Enchantment for Summer's End

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Finding Eternity in Temporality

Driving by an old cemetery in Soquel I noticed the faded fake flowers, stuffed toys, prayer flags...once colorful, left in loving memory, now dulled to a uniform greyness. The first lines of a poem started coming to me. Here it is:

An Enchantment for Summer’s End

Things fade in cemeteries.

Life wants, craves, demands the cycle

Of birth, growth, death, decay.

This experience of living

Slips through your fingers,

As you grasp it in vain.

In wisdom the heart sutra says,

“All things rise and fall to fade away.

This is the nature of phenomena.”

All. This dawn, this sunset,

And this year,

Ending now with the summer,

Dissolving to renew

In the darkness of winter.

Quiet your mind.

Celebrate the turning,

for life is like a movie,

And eternity lives in every frame.

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