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A Magical Mystery School for the Twenty-First Century

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The Craft of the Wise: a Path to Wholeness

There are as many paths to personal wholeness as there are people. The multi-faceted Craft of the Wise, correctly understood and practiced, offers a journey of growth and transformation. Wicca and Witchcraft have helped many people, men and women alike, find answers to the riddles and challenges of life.

If you choose to make the most of the Witch’s path, making peace with yourself must become your starting point and ongoing practice. The Craft, properly practiced, opens doors not only to inner peace, but to higher consciousness and self-realization. Witches grow into power from the inside out. Many label this work as ‘spiritual,’ but if ‘spirituality’ holds no interest for you, you’ll have good company. Non-theistic Witches also have a place at the table. Our traditions are based on what we can experience with our senses: cycles of sun, moon and stars, the seasonal death and rebirth of the crops, or the exquisite grace of sunset.

Witchcraft is fun. We get to create beautiful altars and have rituals in a circle around a bonfire. Some of us dress in fairy wings, ritual robes, or pointed hats. Others simply wear jeans and T-shirts. It’s cool if the T has some sort of Pagan or Goddess motif when possible, though. We love to sing songs and chants in unison, harmony, and rounds.

It’s good for you. Neopagan Witches consciously align ourselves with the tides of nature as marked by the ebb and flow of sunlight and moonlight. We do our best to live in harmony with each other, nature, and with life itself. If you're ready to accept responsibility for your own satisfaction in life and fully embrace the experience of the real magic all around you, this may be exactly the niche for you.

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