Justice dept seeks to defend Trump defamation case


No. If they do this I'm taking to the streets! What does a protester look like? I'll show 'em what a protester looks like. I have 73 years' experience of learning to express my anger effectively. The power may just get a taste of it. But we have to use our anger to get their attention and then talk to them calmly with respect. We have to Kung-fu master this shit! Let's learn how to redirect our rage into effective pursuasive communication.

They don't believe you can be mad and not be violent. They believe in "us vs them." How the hell do we make peace with the human expression of our collective shadow? They ARE us. Losing friends to Q? Well, there you go. That illustrates what I just said. What matters more? Your ideology or your friend? Or your namesake?

I don't really talk to the original, 'Janice.' the teenage girl my parents honored by bestowing on me her name. The love connection between us always mattered to me. Her daughter told me Janice's politics, and it broke my heart.

I don't know how to do what I'm saying we need to do, but I'm going to keep doing it anyway because it is my passion, my anger, MY democracy. By hugging my flag while you use the justice department as your personal legal team you steal MY democracy. What does democracy look like?

Maybe, just maybe I don't need to take to the streets. Maybe in the new paradigm, Jerusalem, dimension, horizon democracy looks like a grandma sitting on a

couch typing with her feet up. Maybe, if we're blessed to be those sparks of the divine that we think we are, maybe we can form a web of love and light strong enough to enfold them in our intentions for a win/win world. Please join me in proving that a just global society is possible.

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