Our Father/Mother All Harmonious

Part II

The Second Post After the Friday the 13th Full Micro Harvest Moon on the Fourth Day of a Ten-day Palindrome Streak in the U.S.

Friday I wrote about connection. It's time to further develop these thoughts. Where and how do we connect with each other? Everthing on planet earth intersects. The iconic flap of a butterfly’s wing may feed a storm oceans away, but knowing this fact doesn’t do much to open my heart to the beggar in front of the convenience store.

The place where you and I connect is the same place where I find my true nature. Not in incessant mind chatter, but silence. The still point of meditation. To know myself is to know unity with all.

But guess what? The Witch in me embraces the darkness, too, as the balance within the flow, the alternating current that is ongoing Creation, the genesis point, bloom and decay, the earth mother ready to be fertilized by the father. As I honor my true nature in its light and shadow, I find oneness with my fellows.

Pause. Let that sink in.

When I used to sing at the Christian Science Church, and they read "Our Father, Who art in heaven..." the metaphysical explanation followed: "Our Father/Mother All Harmonious."

Mother and Father, god and goddess,

First trick of Maya.

One is two.

It can’t be.

But, they have to polarize

To know the bliss of reunion,

So worlds can be born

The world view I choose agrees with the Hindu concept of Lila. It arises from the possibility that manifest creation comes from the desire of the eternal to express itself through a divine play, one so grand the human mind cannot conceive it.

If such a proposition were true, I think things would look exactly the way they do, but I do not believe in it. There’s a more powerful way to relate than believing.

The human mind is incapable of accurately and completely grasping the complexities of the manifest universe, (ask any physicist), so we make up stories to help us come into harmonious unity with what’s so. To me, all spiritual teaching is metaphorical.

Breathe. Take a moment to ponder what I'm saying.

I choose to act in a way consistent with the possibility that the 'play of the gods' scenario is true. When I do, even the challenges get easier. They still push me to my breaking point, but I don’t get so serious about everything, and recovery comes easier and faster all the time.

I ride on an incline, where life gets to be a little more fun every day.

Contemplate this: What if we, every single one of us, are stars in a grand production scripted by our divine parents, and you are playing your role perfectly? To see your own perfect imperfection is to see yourself and the world truly.

Yet, It’s hard for most of us to dwell in such a realization. Life is full of challenges which cause us to doubt, question, and close ourselves off..

Ask yourself, in such a world, what's the most satisfying way to live?

I say we pull out the stops on this thing and help each other over the fence. Make each other happier, better, healthier inside and out, so that it’s easier to see ourselves in that holy light, no matter how you label it. The more we connect with each other the more we feel the invisible web we share.

Will you join me in this joyous dance?

Tomorrow (Or as soon as I can get it written and posted): DAH DAH TAH DAH--The Message of the Palindrome.

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