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Update: March 7, 2020

My heart is full of gratitude! So many of you have told me you're eager to get my book, "Witchcraft, Power, and Transformation: A Magical Mystery School for the 21st Century."

A million thanks to each and every one of you. After a couple of years of writing and dreaming, it’s suddenly real, and it feels wonderful!

My mother always taught me, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," so here's what I've decided. If you want to pre-order the book now, there are some ways you can do that.

1) PayPal: Send $27 to my PayPal account using my e-mail address: This will guarantee you a signed copy at the earliest possible date. Mark it as a gift, and include the address where you want me to send your copy in the comments. You can do it today.

2) Patreon: Support me through monthly donations on Patreon, a website for those who create things (like my book) and donors who contribute. I've been working on my Patreon site, and plan to launch it tomorrow or the next day. I'll let you know.

Patreon accepts monthly donations, of any size, so you can pledge as little as $3 a month. For donors who contribute at least $6.00 a month between now and publication, you will get a copy of the book and enrollment in the online course.

3) If you're uncomfortable with either PayPal or Patreon, e-mail me at, and we'll figure out how to make it work for you.

The retail price of the book hasn't been set. To make sure you get full value, a one-time donation of $27 or $6 a month on Patreon will also guarantee you enrollment in a 13-session online course addressing each of the topics in the book chapters.

To re-cap, a one-time donation of $27 or $6 a month on Patreon will get you a signed copy of the book and enrollment in a 13-session online class about each topic covered in the chapters of the book.

You will also provide me with funds to help with some of the expenses I'm facing right now, like getting my kitty logo registered, paying my editor, and planning an advertising budget. So many people are looking for answers in these challenging times. Neopagan Witchcraft can shine a light in the darkness for those who seek a path of personal power and transformation. I want to share this magical message with everyone who is interested!

Angel Donors: I have felt so much love and support around this endeavor, and I am deeply grateful! If you have the means to donate more, the funds will help me tremendously. Professional editing, search engine optimization (SEO--getting my site a guaranteed place on the first page of any search for my keywords) are all very expensive.

My commitment is to make this a quality publication in every way.  I'm working on a budget right now, but I'm new to all of this, and numbers scare me when they're about real money $$! As soon as I figure out how I'll post a link to my budget. To give you an idea of how I will use pre-order revenue, I need $2,000 for my editor ( due May 1). SEO optimization is $200 per month.

I still need to research how much it will cost to register my logo, and I need to do that right away so that I can feel comfortable using it in my communications.

Tiered Donor Rewards: There is still a strong possibility that additional donor rewards will become available for those who contribute more than the asking price for the book and online classes. I'll keep you updated.

If you can afford more now, I would appreciate your help immediately. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported something which will help a lot of people. A Witch friend from the bay area has told me that my excerpts on "The Four Pillars of Magic" have already been helpful to him.

Timeline: The book will be available by August, maybe even a little sooner. That may seem like a long time, but the world of publishing can move slowly. There are many details, and a quality product takes time.

Gratitude and Acknowledgements: I want to thank two gifted women, water-color artist Steph Sparks and graphic designer Mia Pak who contributed their time and talent to helping me realize my vision for the logo and business cards.

It was amazing to have a friend and spiritual brother give me some money to start me on my way toward covering the costs of editing, publishing, and advertising my book. Thanks also to everyone who has told me that you can't wait for my book. There aren't words to express my appreciation.

I’m thrilled to report that I've hired a professional editor to help me with the finishing touches. If you happened to catch my Hollywood Fringe production in 2018, "Witchy, Wisdom Beyond Illusion," I included a poem, “Beneath the Sweater and the Skin," by Jeanette Encinias. In addition to being a very talented poet, she is also much in demand as an editor, and I'm lucky to be on her calendar for May 1.

This means that my manuscript will be complete and in her hands by that date. Four to six weeks after that her work will be done, and the book will go to print. Turning a manuscript into a finished book involves lots of little steps and detail work. (Not my favorite thing).

If you have feedback, please feel free to e-mail You can always subscribe to my e-mail list by using the form below to get notifications when I post something new.

Thanks again for checking out this page, and Blessed Be!

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