Some Things Can't Be Rushed

The sky was red at sunset. Not hot pink fading to Tang-colored orange, but Mars-sky red. In fact, as the last light faded, it was almost purple. So many fires--I've lost track. I want them out. Now. But all I can do is wait--and pray. The weather is cooler than predicted tonight, so maybe prayers are being answered? Material reality may be an illusion, but the suffering it brings is real, and it breaks my heart.

The firefighters will prevail. They will put the fires out as they do year after year. The trees will grow back. Next summer will come, and for the forseeable future, fire season in California will be an inferno. For now, putting the fires out will take as long as it takes.

My concerns shrivel in the face of the kinds of loss others are experiencing. In the Santa Cruz mountains where so many of my friends live, the water is poisoned. Because the Polyethelene pipes melted. Now, I've never had to choose the pipes for a water system, but, well...I don't mean to be judgemental either, but...wouldn't you think if you were in the water business or on the task force or whatever that you might consider the high risk of fire when you choose your materials? Just wondering.

i'm grateful to everyone who has pre-ordered my book and eager to get copies into hands. I've been feeling anxious about how long it's taking to get published, but my house is under no threat, we have potable water and our kitties. All there is to do is take one step at a time and trust. I'm on the second round of formatting, and the book will be produced in the Goddess' own good time. How ungrateful it would be for me to hang onto my anxiety now, How selfish to sit on my comfy couch with my laptop and go back to identifying with my frustrations while people I love are waiting to see if their homes are standing, waiting for clean water, or wondering if they'll get their animal family back. Some things can't be rushed. These are the people who need my prayers.

Melted plastic was all that remained Aug. 21, 2020, of a pipeline that supplied the Lyon Water Treatment Plant after the CZU Lightning Complex Fire ravaged the area near Boulder Creek. (San Lorenzo Valley Water District — Contributed)

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