"...spiritual and cultural transformation" are us, the Witches, mystics, hippies, psychonauts, and all our other brothers and sisters UNITE!

The scientists don’t know how to create spiritual and cultural transformation, but there are those among us who do.

I found the image above on Facebook, and the more I sit with this, the more I know. This is it! This is the call I’ve been answering my whole life. When I gave my life to Jesus. When I took it back, and twenty years later gave it to the Goddess. When I drank the Santo Daime and saw the holy light. And that light is Jesus. Because our shared consciousness creates him that way. And he never left my heart, after all.

I know how to live in this holy flow so fully that I don’t need words going through my head. My 'buttons' are getting smaller, I forgive quicker, and accept my human flaws while I aim for blissful perfection. I know how to give myself to this fully. That is what we know how to do, my brothers and sisters.

This is the path we can illuminate for all who are ready to follow.It’s time we own up, stand up, get over the bullshit that divides us, and come together for our Holy Mother. We're people of color and white, LGBTQ+ and hetero. We come from and every religion there is (except for the exclusionary ones) and no religion at all.

The scientists have just admitted they don’t know how to solve what’s wrong with our world.

It’s OUR JOB, my brothers and sisters. Truly, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It’s not some hackneyed cliche. It’s the trumpet call that brought us into this life.

We’re finding each other. At Burning Man. In covens. In day care centers. In writing groups. At meditation retreats and yoga centers. At Harbin, Brightenbush Springs, Dead shows and the Oregon Country Fair. We're at health food stores, on vegan websites, going to sound baths, reading Tarot cards, running magic shops and teaching everything from angel messages to the zodiac. We’re everywhere. We’re the peaceful warriors of the Lord and Lady! This is our time to step up and do what science can't. UNITE!

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