With a Little Help from my Friends!

I can’t wait to share these recordings with you! Literally—30 second sneak sample from iPhone in DropBox, but I have to share from YouTube, FaceBook or Vimeo. A work in progress!

Ever experience such gratitude it leads you to the verge of tears? I get that a lot lately, and never more than this weekend.

Bamboos, friend and spiritual brother invited me along with husband Robert to his home and studio this weekend for some recording.

What a thrill. He made my dream come true! We worked on the Peter Rowan ballad, “Remember That I Love You” and a few Daime hymns.

Bamboos is Persian, and I couldn’t help noticing how the Rowan piece shares a quality with Rumi and Hafiz. The lyrics, while applicable to romantic love, go deeper, much deeper.

We got the voice track and some of the guitar down for “Mundo da Paz,” (“World of Peace”), a deeply touching hymn received by Madrinha Sonia de Alverga while in the US after 9/11.

“Santa Maria Vem Chegando” came together easily, and we started work on “Past the Limit,” my first hymn.

We’ll get these posted as soon as they’re ready for public view, which will happen when the tracks pass Bamboos’ exacting standards. His musical talent and patience with detail make him an ideal creative partner.

Plus, Bamboos’ belly-button brother, Baumdad, entertained me with metaphysical conversation while Bamboos was busy setting up tracks for singing.

Baumdad and Bamboos’ partner, Mia, fed us like royalty, as Persians do. All three told us we’re part of the family now. How awesome is that?

I can’t wait for you to hear our finished product. I’ve never been more excited about anything in my life.

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