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Update: February 18, 2020--
After a couple of years of writing and dreaming, it’s suddenly real, and it feels wonderful!


Timeline: Being optimistic, I think we can expect a finished product by Lughnasadh, or August 1, 2020. That may seem like a long time, but the world of publishing can move slowly. There are many details, and a quality product takes time.


I’m researching crowdfunding platforms and figuring out the quickest and best way to communicate with my audience. Also, setting up a savings account for pre-orders and contributions. One of my next steps is to get a ballpark cost for publication so that I can set a contribution level for pre-orders. I am SO thankful for the support I’ve already received.

Gratitude and Acknowledgements: Two gifted women, water-color artist Steph Sparks and graphic designer Mia Pak contributed their time and talent to helping me realize my vision for the logo and business cards. 

It was amazing to have a friend and spiritual brother give me some money to start me on my way toward covering the costs of editing, publishing, and advertising my book. And then there are the countless friends and acquaintances who keep saying, “I can’t wait to get my hands on your book.” There aren't words to express my appreciation. 


I’m thrilled to report that I've hired a professional editor to help me with the finishing touches. If you happened to catch my Hollywood Fringe production in 2018, "Witchy, Wisdom Beyond Illusion," I included a poem, “Beneath the Sweater and the Skin," by Jeanette Encinias. In addition to being a very talented poet, she is also much in demand as an editor, and I'm lucky to be on her calendar for May 1. 

This means that my manuscript will be complete and in her hands by that date. Four to six weeks after that her work will be done, and the book will go to print. Turning a manuscript into a finished book involves lots of little steps and detail work. (Not my favorite thing).


Meanwhile, I have lots to do. I need at least a rough calculation of production costs in order to determine the cost of pre-orders and premium levels for additional contributions. Watch this space for additional updates. If you have feedback or want to contribute now, please feel free to e-mail You can always subscribe to my e-mail list by using the form below to get notifications when I post something new.


Thanks again for checking out this page, and Blessed Be!

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