February 05, 2018

A Witch Like Me

Written in 2010, "A Witch Like Me" chronicles my journey from good a Christian girl to a priestess of the Goddess. The introduction finds me alone in a cemetery on Samhain eve:

"The almost-full moon makes the tombstones and crypts glow like the sacred things that they are...Yes, it's Halloween eve, and I am in a cemetery, not just any cemetery, but one that scared me stiff as a child...At one point I sat on the side of a raised gravesite and marveled that I was, indeed, alone in the dark and completely at peace in a place that used to hold such dread."

Join me as we revisit some of the turning points in my life from the day my adoption was arranged to the blessing spell in the last chapter.

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February 02, 2023

Power of the Witch: A Primer of Transformational Witchcraft

"The power of true magic is to be able to transform consciousness at will." So said Dion Fortune. This is an introduction to the Craft of the Wise. Find the power, love, and wisdom of the goddess, her consort, and their great love which is the Source of creation. It lives within you, and you can't find it anywhere else. Discover the place of the Witch through history and in the modern world. Learn to ride the tides of earth and sky so that you may blend with them and become a force of nature. 


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February 08, 2018

Make Your Existence Magnificent: The Ultimate Life Hack

An excerpt from Chapter 1:

"Taste the living waters shared by mystics and sages throughout the millennia. They feed the fountains that nourish the spirit, renew the mind, and make life sweet. Here you will find nothing less than the opportunity to reconfigure your relationship with Being to one of such deep tranquility that neither the sorrows of the past nor your fears about the future can displace your peace of mind for very long."

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There's a rEVOLution of LOVE brewing in the land, an international, nonviolent revolution of consciousness. Join me! Together we'll be Wonder Women, Supermen, and Non-heteronormative People working together making this world a fit place for my grandchildren. You in? 

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